We Specialize in Corporate Event Photography and Video 

Since 2005, Reardan Photography and Video has served the corporate events market in Colorado and throughout the Midwest.  Our job is to help you sell your event, both well before your guests arrive, and long after your guests have returned home.  We capture a wide range of candid and impromptu-posed images that are designed to convey the value and positive experiences of your event.  We're professional, insured, flexible, and quick.

Event Photography Services Offered:

Candid Image Photography:

  • Closeups and wide-angle shots of any speakers.
  • Posed shots of VIPs
  • Posed and action shots of keynote speakers
  • Shots of meeting rooms, common areas, banquet rooms, trade show booths, promotional items, signage, etc.
  • Candid and posed shots of VIPs, Executives, and other special guests/attendees.
  • Shots that indicate the event was well attended, such as full room shots with lots of people, crowd shots
  • Guests looking engaged and interested in the event
  • Groups
  • Vendor/Exhibitor Booths + Displays
  • Program and event collateral
  • Award winners and presenters
  • Posed shots of attendees
  • Plus, any additional photos you require

Headshot Station

Almost everyone could use a new or updated headshot.  But few people have the time to find a photographer, schedule a session, or even show up and have their photo taken.  That's why offering your guests a free headshot is such a powerful event marketing tool.  In some cases, as the event organizer, you might offer headshots to everyone who registers and attends your event.  Or, as an event revenue opportunity, you can solicit your vendors and exhibitors to financially sponsor the headshot station.  Regardless of how it's positioned, a headshot station is a great opportunity to harvest E-mails and other contact information.  Depending on your needs, images can be digitally delivered to your guests, or we can create beautiful prints on-site.   

Formal Portraits

A lot of events include dinners and banquets where your guests are dressed in their finest dresses and suits.  Why not take advantage of everyone looking their best and offer them a free formal portrait.   Just like with the headshot station, we'll set up our mobile studio complete with backdrops and professional studio lighting.  And we can deliver digital or printed images within minutes.  

Interview Videos

Either before, during, or after your event we can help you create a variety of video content, all designed to sell and support your event.  In particular, we specialize in interview videos.  You can use video interviews to introduce speakers and presenters.  You can interview event attendees during the event, then use those videos as event testimonials.  Or interview attendees on the spot as they're leaving the event to capture their enthusiasm about your event.


Regardless of how you intend to use your images, we typically provide an image license that lets you use the images for nearly any purpose and for any length of time.  


People at event