In 2002 I discovered digital photography.  Before that, my experience with photography was just like most of us.  I shot a few photos at holiday and other family gatherings.  And a few photos while on vacation.  But because of my career and familiarity with computer technologies, it was easy for me to imagine the artistic opportunities of digital photography (and video) when those technologies began to become affordable.


I shoot a wide variety of subjects and I'm always looking for new subjects and genres to try.  As you can tell by my Black and Blight gallery, I love shooting and developing black and white images.  I feel most creative when working on monochrome images.


But I live in Colorado so it would be a sin not to capture all the beautiful, dramatic colors and textures that  this wonderful state offers.


And perhaps unlike many photographers, I really enjoy working with people on photoshoots.  Whether it's shooting weddings, family photos in fall, corporate and cultural events throughout the year, or headshots and portraits anytime, I love collaborating with my subjects as we create everlasting images of people at their happiest and best looks.  There is nothing more gratifying than giving someone a photograph that appeals to their most primal senses.