The Castle Rock of Castle Rock

The Castle Rock

The town of Castle Rock is named after the Castle Rock butte which sits just north of downtown Castle Rock. You can see the butte from many angles and each view offers a different perspective.

It’s a prominent landmark that can be seen from many different perspectives. I live in the far northwest corner of town so my typical view is from that perspective, just as it is for most people driving south on Interstate 25 from Denver.

But that perspective is somewhat deceiving. It’s easy to that it resembles a square shape. But it’s truly more of a rectangular shape, as you can see from this view looking at it from its east side.

The Castle Rock

And it looks different on its south side, as seen from downtown Castle Rock.

As a photographer, I’m drawn to its prominence and plan on photographing it from as many different angles as I can. For now I’m posting these images. But keep an eye on this blog and my galleries for future images as I capture them.

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