Nobody Wants to Date Your Dog

As a single guy, I’ve spent my time on online dating sites. I’ve seen hundreds of profiles of single women, ranging in ages from 35 to 75. And even a few guys’ profiles that somehow snuck through the filters and showed up in my feed of matches. Unfortunately, a large majority of profile photos are either poor in quality or purposefully irrelevant. I doubt most people understand how their poor-quality and irrelevant photographs reduce their attraction opportunities.

Like or not, physical attraction is the first step toward achieving success in online dating. I know, you shouldn’t be judged primarily by your physical appearance alone. Your interests, personality, values and character say more about you than just how you look on the outside. But with online dating, if someone isn’t first attracted to your appearance, it’s unlikely they’ll be motivated to study your profile. Every dating site or app leads with photographs, not profile text. That’s why all your photos should be the highest quality possible.

And 90% of your photos should be of you, and you alone. Not your dog, your cats, your horse or any other animal you adore. The same goes for photos of your kids, grandkids, or other family members. Nor should you post a bunch of photos of your flower garden, your favorite travel destinations, your sports car, your favorite oil painting, or a photograph you shot that you’re particularly proud of. Nobody wants to date your dog. Or your tulips.

If it’s not a photo of you, then what are you trying to communicate with that photo? And why do you need a photo instead of a statement in your profile? If you love your dog or want to communicate that you’re a compassionate animal lover, just write a statement about it in your profile. You don’t have to prove it by posting a photo.

Realistically, posting anything other than a photograph of yourself is a waste of the other person’s time! It’s annoying to the opposite sex. They first want to see what you look like. If they’re attracted to your physical appearance, then they’ll look at your profile. There are dozens of studies and research backing up this claim.

So, what are the attributes of a high-quality and effective online dating profile photograph?
a. The subject or content of the photograph
b. The quality of the composition
c. The clarity or sharpness of the image

In Part 2 of this post, I’ll go into more detail about each of these quality attributes. But for now, please do yourself a favor and eliminate or reduce the number of your dog’s photos in your dating profile. There’s no benefit in frustrating people. Even if someone’s attracted to your dog, in most states and countries it’s illegal to advance that relationship much further.

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