Reardan Multimedia is in the Business of Helping You:

Promote Your Event
Deliver Your Message
Make a Positive and Lasting Impression
Build Your Brand
Emotionally Connect with Meeting Attendees
Build Goodwill
Show Appreciation
Reward Performers
Have FUN at your event!


Photographs invoke emotions. It’s our job to help our clients leverage Event Photography to reinforce and extend the positive emotions felt by their meeting’s attendees. In other words, our job is to increase our client’s return on investment in meeting, convention, and tradeshow marketing.

Some of the Types of Events We Cover:

Company Business Meetings
Trade Shows
Association Meetings
Holiday Parties
Sales Recognition Events
Golf Tournaments
Company Picnics
Product Launches
Sporting Events
Grand Openings
Political Meetings
Health Fairs
Job Fairs
Annual Meetings
Exhibitions Weddings

We Capture These and Other Types of Images:

Speakers, Presenters, Celebrities
Audiences, Crowds, Groups
Attendee and Exhibitor Interactions
Training Sessions, Trainers, Students
Recreational, Sporting, and Leisure Activities
Trade Show Booths
Food Setups, Bars, Fountains, Displays, Caterers
Staff, Security, Support, Helpers
Trophies, Plaques, Medals, Banners
Decorations, Floral Arrangements, Furnishings
Vehicles, Busses, Limos
Entrances, Portals, Gateways, Bridges, Pagodas, Hallways
Auditoriums, Theatres, Classrooms, Ballrooms
Buildings and Architecture
Executive and Employee Portraits
Products for Advertising, Promotion, Catalogs, Brochures
Entertainers and Special Guests

We Offer the Following Products and Services:

Prints in Various Sizes and Dimensions
On-Site Printing
Event Web Sites
Web Video
Custom Albums
Digital Slideshows
Branded Images (with logos, event graphics, titles, etc.)
Custom Borders and Frames
Custom Collages and Montages
Custom, Branded DVD’s
Gift Items
Invitations and Announcements
Thank You Notes
Custom Place Cards, Table Cards, Notepads, Agendas
Badges, Photo ID’s, Guest Passes
Event Calendars and Advertising Specialties
Post-event Follow-up
Mass Distribution/Shipping
Image Enhancement
Media and Public Relations
Digital Media Indexing and Archiving (“Digital Asset Management”)

The Five Variables of an Event Photography Project:

1. Capture
2. Development
3. Usage
4. Distribution
5. Storage/Archival

Depending on how you plan to use images from an event, an event photography project can involve much more than simply taking some pictures and burning them to a CD.

Sometimes, you’ll need multiple photographers to capture simultaneous event activities. You may need more than just an image – you may want special edges, borders, text, or a logo included. Or a customized collage that you can use for advertising or promotional use. Or a video slideshow.

Then there’s the problem of distributing images. You may need hundreds of prints made, then distributed to your sales reps across the country. Or a Web site built to display those images.

Storage is also worth considering. One of the biggest challenges of digital media is keeping track of it all. It’s easy for digital images to get buried in the company network, or deleted. Many times those CDs end up in a file cabinet, never to be seen or used again.

Event Photography: It’s All About the Planning

While many events are simple, small scale, and don’t need more than a set of Web-quality images produced, other projects involve much more. Regardless of scale, all event photography projects have a planning phase, a preparation/setup phase, the image capture phase, the development and enhancement phase, an assembly/distribution phase, and the archive/storage stage. In all, our project methodology covers more than Forty Points of Planning.

Who We Are

Reardan Multimedia Event Photographers is a team of highly experienced and creative photographers, graphic artists, designers, image technologists, copywriters, videographers, media and marketing specialists, and audio-visual technicians.

Depending on the project, we can scale from up from one photographer, to over a dozen professionals dedicated to your event. Most engagements involve a senior Project Manager who is responsible for planning, organizing, and leading our professional teams.

We’re based in Castle Rock, Colorado – about halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs. While much of our work is done along the Front Range, we also work throughout the Rocky Mountains, the Western United States, and around the world!

If you value integrity, credibility, creativity, and professionalism, please contact me for more information. Let’s discuss some new ideas for making your next event unique, exciting, cost-effective!

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