Flying with Dave

One of the items on my bucket list was to sit in the co-pilot’s seat of a small, private plane. And be offered the chance to actually fly the plane. Not for an entire flight, but just for a few minutes when we’re straight and level. I simply wanted to know what an airplane “feels” like – as compared to what it “feels” like to drive a car, an 18-wheeler, or an Army tank. The latter two are still on my bucket list.

Dave Joecks

Last month I finally had an opportunity to go flying with Dave Joecks, a new friend and private pilot who owns part of a cool, classic Piper Cherokee.

The timing was perfect because I’ve recently starting studying for my commercial drone license.

All the aviation topics like weather, aeronautical charts, controlled airspace, aircraft weight (i.e. “loading”), radio procedures, aeronautical decision-making, airport operations, and safety were on my mind anyway. I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to enter the operating area (hangars, taxi lanes, and runways) of a community airport, sit in the co-pilot’s seat, see all the gauges, controls, and radios, listen to air traffic control through the headphones, experience a take-off and landing, actually fly the plane for a minute or two, and talk with a safe, experienced, and highly-skilled private pilot.

Flying Straight and Level

The flight was a blast. More fun and excitement than I anticipated. And the view was incredible. We flew around the metro Denver area, over my apartment, and some other Denver-area landmarks.

The Castle Rock 
Castle Rock, Colorado

A few weeks later, Dave invited me to join him, his girlfriend Hilary, and their dog Aarli on another flight. This time we flew from Centennial Airport  to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.  Dave and Hilary wanted some photos to select from for their annual Christmas cards. 

The Christmas Flyer

We ended up with over a dozen fun images. 

Hilary, Dave, and Aarli
Aarli is one of the best models I’ve worked with.

To see the full gallery of all the images, follow this link to my Zenfolio gallery page.

A typically-sunny and beautiful Autumn day at the Front Range Airport.

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